Masterpiece, sound video, 2011

Semantic framework of Masterpiece is playing cynically with the historical fact about Adolf Hitler as a painter. Using specific theatrical elements to achieve the effects of humor and horror in the visual construction of the narrative, the film shows the nascency of Hitler’s artistic masterpiece in the traditional genre of still life. The visual impression of animation is manifested at the very point of ambivalence between the grotesque and lyrics, and this effect has been obtained using plasticine and toys, which we associate with children’s naivete. The visual experience of the film creates a seanse of indisposition and hauter, and the tension culminates as the story unfolds. The initial shots are characterized by steady flow narrative, while the final scene contains at times almost “Baroque compositions”, interwined figures and body parts. The location where the event takes place gives the impression of space, which is typical of one that occurs in Baroque painting’s compositions, and it is represented in the service of “an artist’s” inspiration who creates his greatest work. The film builds a connection between comedy and tragedy and represents an artist’s inspiration by Brothers Grimm’s fairytales, and writings of Marquis de Sade. Intertextual visual interweaving of children game’s representations and violence aims reviewing the complexity and ethics of human political and ideological activity in the modern world.

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